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About Sweet Breese Florals



Nice to meet you, I am so happy you're here! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I used to be a middle school special educator, but like the rest of the world, the pandemic got to my mental health. I needed a way to release my anxiety and alleviate my depression, so I started to press flowers! I would make bouquets just to turn them into a pressed piece to give as a gift. I realized I loved working with flowers in every aspect and loved making people smile; especially on significant days in their lives. With the support of my wife, and our 3 dogs, I started my floral journey!


I decided to branch out into florals for weddings to provide anyone and everyone a beautiful arrangement without feeling judged or uncomfortable. Being apart of the LGBTQ+ community and having planned my entire wedding, I know that people face many significant challenges while planning their special day. I am here to make sure that your florals are NOT one of those challenges. Floral arrangements and preservations have become a passion of mine; so you are in good hands! I would love to chat over email or text and then schedule a zoom to get to know you and what you envision on your once-in-a-lifetime day! Let's make some magic happen!

Flower Box

At Sweet Breese Florals, we specialize in designing and creating personalized wedding floral arrangements. We understand that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, which is why we take pride in creating top-quality floral arrangements that exceed your expectations. We also offer preservation services for your wedding flowers, so that you can keep them as a cherished memory for years to come. Contact us today to check florals off your list!

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